Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where is my MacBook?

MacBook Pro

On occassion I am asked why people can't get a Mac or other non-windows computer at work.  Does the IT department have an axe to grind with the folks at Apple?  Are we just too nerdy to understand the hip design and slick features of this forbidden device?

The original Macintosh computer

Of course not!  I personally own two MacBooks along with a drawer full of nearly every iPod ever produced, and of course the beloved iPad.  I think the MacBook is a terrific device and Apple has done a wonderful job over the years evolving their platform.  In fact, back in the day I owned an original Macintosh computer, complete with the 9" monitor built in.   

The real reason comes down to cost.  Not the cost of the device itself, but the cost to support the device.  Having a standard platform makes it easier and more efficient to support the user community.  With each new type of desktop computer we have to support, our costs can increase by 25% to 50% or more to maintain service levels.  Many of the applications that are on the Mac have an equivalent that can be run on a PC as well.  The PC may require an upgrade to fully function but this cost is much lower than the added cost to support a unique device.

Does that mean that we will never see a MacBook in our business?  Well, never is an awful long time.  What it does mean is that we have to consider the implications, making sure that it is about function, not fashion.

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  1. I remember that old Macintosh. Mostly apache strike, I think was the name. Good times.